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Brand new Monster by dre Sound Machine headphone

Recently, Luxury brand Beats By Dre releases a brand new over-ear headphone Sound Machine. It sounds like it is a high-quality Beats By Dre Ireland which creates for acoustic especially. Sound Machine is a Dr Dre Beats that designer in the collaboration with Latin musician Emilio Estefan and time-limited sale by retailer giant Target exclusively. On appearance, it features the color trend towards the mysterious and charming purple. Meanwhile, Sound Machine features freely multi-angle fold to enhance its appeal and portability. And the high-quality memory foam could bring you great comfort and superior sound-insulation effect. On acoustic, Sound Machine inherits the music style of Dr Dre Beats Ireland which is consistently features with powered bass. In order to integrate with Latin music better, this Beats by dre Sound Machine Cheap Beats By Dre get increase on both the voice details and highs. It will be more enrich.