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High-end Beats in-ear headphone for sportsman

In order to develop this high-end sport in-ear headphone with extraordinary Monster audio effect, Beats By Dre engineers applied a series of precise audio to enhance technique. In order to guarantee a optimum Beats By Dre Danmark pure acoustic effect in any time and make iSport in-ear Beats By Dre Studio shows strong and fit frequency, it adopts in-ear clip patent system and adjustable syrinx technique which are applied in Intensity and Immersion to guarantee noise-isolation and make you working out absorbedly without adjust earmuff or headphone. Like all Beats By Dre Solo, Beats iSport design to provide optimum acoustic. Its high-definition acoustic and powered bass will absolutely inspire your optimal performance. Besides, in consideration of the sweaty problem during the exercise of users. Beats By Dre Tour do a newly sweat-resistance design. Meanwhile, its strong structure and ultra endurable material make it convenient for users to run, jump, and cycle and even skiing to enjoy uninterrupted international-class music experience.