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High-performance Beats SOLO HD

Beats By Dre performs well on Rock, Hip Hop and R&B. It features a sharp appearance and high reputation on trend field. It is a good choice for trendsetters to show their personality. Beats By Dre Danmark adopt advanced speaker design and dynamic isolation technique to make beats make better use of power and energy and further increase the power of bass. Beats By Dre Studio headphone brings you enter into authentic music world like the real recorder hearing. As a fashionable portable headphone, SOLO HD delivers riches full-frequency voice with its small and exquisite body. Powered bass, clear voice and undistorted highs plus with its exclusive sound-insulation effect, Beats By Dre Solo shows more music details. Beats SOLO Over-Ear headphone continue the simple design style of Monster headphones. It could compatible with iPod, iPhone perfectly. It also shows high-quality bass. For those who like listening to Rock and Dancing songs, Beats By Dre Tour headphone is really a perfect choice.