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iPhone fans’ favorite, Monster Beats Studio now on

Beats By Dre is a representative headphone released by Beats By Dre Danmark. For its individual appearance and outstanding performance on bass, it gets popular with many iPhone fans. There are few iPhone users don’t know Monster headphone. We have to say that Beats By Dre Studio is the iPhone fans’ favorite. The classical Beats By Dre Solo shows an edgy and flameboyant appearance. It is light-weight and foldable. On the parameter, Billige Beats By Dre features a 20 to 20000 Hz frequency response and 115dB impedance for easily drive. This headphone adopts rewire design and come with iSoniTalk cable for iPhone exclusively. It is very convenient to control iPhone music playing and take call. With the function of noise reduction, it brings you undisturbed music environment.