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Monster brand introduction

We are selling more talent of Beats By Dre and vision of Jimmy Lovine than headphones. Wherever you are listening to music, you are worthy to experience higher-performance sound effect. Bad acoustic, terrible music files and shabby device would be a disaster for you and your favorite musician. Our mission is to solve those problems and let you enjoy your favorite music with an unprecedented way and allow for soul communication with musicians in ways you could never imagine. Beats By Dre Danmark don’t adopt technique without emotion like other audio corporation. Beats By Dre Studio System is totally co-created by Dr.Dre and the world best manufactures. We are not pursuing to improve sound effect, but combining technique and art uniquely to show you music effect which musicians expected truly. Monster Beats By Dre Solo and Beat SOLO HD are the flagship products of Monster Billige Beats By Dre series.