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Monster Cable Corporation and Beats

Beats By Dre Corporation is the world leading high-end cable and top-level consumer electronic accessories manufacturer. Beats By Dre Danmark cable has almost become the symbol of all high-quality cable. Many American popular singers are all applying Beats By Dre Studio professional cable on their instruments. Famous sound engineers and recording studio also use Monster cable to record their music works. Since 2008, Monster has cooperated with Dr.Dre and Interscope to create Beats by Dr. Dre series headphones, Beats By Dre Solo headphones become popular all over the world. Monster joints Lady Gaga, P.Diddy, Dr.Dre, Justin Bieber and Kobe to co-design a series headphone specially for listening to popular music. Advanced technique adds with ultra cool and shining appearance, Monster Beats By Dre Tour headphones are not only meet consumers’ pursuit of perfect music details, but also make them become the music trendsetters leading fashion.