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Monster Corporation, the world leading producer of

Beats By Dre is founded in 1979 by Noel Lee. It is devoted in producing headphone products to make music more beautiful with the brand effect of Monster Cable Corporation. Now, Beats By Dre Ireland had got strong and develops diversity to become the world leading manufacturer of resolving the connection of high-performance audio, video, auto sound, computer, and bandstand and computer games. Besides, it is the pioneer in the field of iPod, iPhone, professional audio and amplified sound device. As a guarantee of increasing the music hearing experience, Dr Dre Beats cooperate with Jimmy Lovine, the president of Interscope Geffen A&M, and Dr. Dre, the Grammy Award Winner, to release Beats by Dr. Dre series headphones. And it designed exclusive Heartbeats series in-ear Dr Dre Beats Ireland for Lady Gaga. Afterwards, Monster make persistent efforts to release Monster series headphones include the Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers for musicians and audiophiles, Beats By Dre Tour, Beats Pro, Beats Mixr and so on.