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Monster Diesel VEKTR

Monster Diesel VEKTR echoes Beats By Dre another headphone Diamond tears on appearance. They both show the comprehending of the fashion and trend. The headphone’s style is markedly differently from the common headphones. It is full of magic. As a portable leading VEKTR, it is pretty easy to drive. It seems the style that Monster headphone adheres to, including Beats Pro and Beats Studio. During the cooperation of Beats By Dre Ireland and Beats, it is obvious to all that they got a great success commercially. Even though they separate and each does things in his own way, Dr Dre Beats still has enough development space rely on the customers it owns before. Compare with Beats, the foundation of brand and technique are important factors to decide Dr Dre Beats Ireland future development. Maybe the acoustic is the basis of Monster to settle down and get on with its pursuit. Monster VEKTR shows a powered bass and rapid response. With the audition, we could see that Monster has back to acoustic. We believe that, in the near future, Monster will change his image of paying too much attention on appearance. What Beats By Dre Tour in store for us will be an audio-visual feast.