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Monster DNA headphone released in CES 2013

Monster is famous for its fashionable and luxurious headphone design. With the popularity of Beats By Dre, Beats SOLO HD and those hot headphone released by Monster and music artist Dr.Dre which has wined twice Grammy Award. Monster, the world leading high-performance audio product manufacturer, released Beats By Dre Danmark headphone, which has redefined the headphone appearance and acoustic, in CES 2013. Beats By Dre Studio headphone is designed as a part of alliance of Monster and global first choice home amusement brand Viacom. It definitely reflects Monster headphones’ global leading position in the integration of nowadays entertainment, technique and fashion. Beats By Dre Solo headphone shows headphone appearance’s development tendency boldly, clearly and visually. It adopts Monster pure acoustic and debugging by Monster President Noel Lee himself. Pure Monster acoustic adopts Beats By Dre Tour newest patent technique and audio innovative technology. It brings music lovers live music experience whenever and wherever possible. It sounds clear, strong and penetrating which make you seem to be in the live music concert and share music feast with musicians at the stage.