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Monster headphones make hearing music become more

Recently, Beats By Dre has released 6 brand new headphones: Monster Diamond Tears Edge, which is co-developed with Korea Entertainment Corporation JYP; Diesel Vektr, which is co-developed with Italy fashion brand Diesel; Gratitude TM, which is co-developed with the enrollees of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and 8 Grammy Award-winner Earth, Wind & Fire; N-Credible series Beats By Dre Ireland, include the N-Tune over-ear headphone and N-ergy in-ear headphone; iSport LIVESTRONG charity version headphone which is released in the collaboration with Monster and RadioShack and contribute to Lance Armstrong foundation. In the Fashion week hold not long ago. Dr Dre Beats joint fashion brand ZIX GUAN make a stage pose together and stunned the audience. In the fashion show, models wear the newest ZIX GUAN fashion cloth and Dr Dre Beats Ireland INSPIRATION series headphones to appear on the T stage and arouse tremendous attention in the fashion field and audio field. After the release, the principal of Monster headphone said, the cooperation with ZIX GUAN is perfectly successes. But it is only a beginning of Monster new strategy. In the future, Beats By Dre Tour will appear in more fashionable occasions. To make hearing music become a fashion will be the forever goal that Monster pursues to achieve.