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Monster iSport in-ear headphone to listen to MP3

If you are a sportsman you are really need this Beats By Dre to listen to MP3 while you are doing exercise. This Beats By Dre Danmark adds a more sweetheart humanization design: the security issue of sport Beats By Dre Studio, semi-open design which is designed to let users could hear some voice of surrounding. This unique design is especially important for those who are joggers or riding on a bicycle. The powered bass and authentic highs make the Beats By Dre Solo full, plump and smooth. You could enjoy a clear and balanced hearing experience. It not only shows the users a strong and amazing music world, but also lets Beats By Dre Tour keep a watchful eye on the surrounding voice environment. This design is in order to avoid athletes getting hurt while they are doing exercise. It may be called ultra sweetheart.