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Monster launches brand-new HUBLOT Inspiration head

Recently, Beats By Dre has launched a few brand-new headphones, including Monster Genesis and Tuxedo DNA etc. A few days ago, Beats By Dre Danmark cooperates with famous watch brand HUBLOT and co-released this luxurious Inspiration headphone. Beats By Dre Studio is always famous for its fashionable and luxurious image in the audiophile’s fields. And so does HUBLOT. It is said that Inspiration adopts newly Enigma audio decoding chip engine and has built-in Bluetooth mode and equip with straight blade USB audio interface. Besides, it could on the basis of the customers’ demand to customize exclusive headphone sound rays. Monster said that it is the most advanced Beats By Dre Solo in the world and it shows top-level music noise-reducing technique. Moreover, Monster Inspiration is the first Billige Beats By Dre which has achieved double single track amplification technique. It provides more pure and excellent music quality.