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Ultra cool and fashionable Monster Diamond Tears E

After successfully developed headphone products for three years, newly Beats By Dre will break through the traditional concept. Beats By Dre Danmark will make a crossover cooperate with various famous brand and celebrity. It will apply the headphone in entertainment world, fashion field, sport area, white-color crowd and trendsetters etc. it seems that Beats By Dre Studio will make further development and innovation which will bring a revolution in the headphone field. The newly headphone series include the Monster Diamond Tears Edge which is designed in the collaboration with Beats By Dre Solo and Korea Entertainment Corporation JYP. With the showy appearance design and the momentum of artists and group like Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A etc., Diamond Tears Edge has become the brightest headphone of dr dre høretelefone. As clear as tears, as shining as diamond, this Diamond Tears Edge will definitely bring a fashion trend.