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what a good headphone looks like

As to Beats By Dre, audiophiles and trendsetters will not be strange with it. As the famous HiFi cable manufacture, Beats By Dre Danmark owns amount of customers. Especially the high-quality audio, video and HDMI cable has been recognized in the headphone professional. Monster’s product such as Beats SOLO HD, Beats By Dre Studio, and Beats Pro are all get well-received. A good headphone not only has a beautiful color and appearance. Only more comfortable wearing feeling can bring users more impressive experience. Newly Beats By Dre Solo headphone features fine human engineering design and show better flexibility and compatibility. And earmuffs with medium hardness not wrap the whole ears, so it wears more comfortable and fitter for long-time wearing in hot weather. Besides, anti-winding Beats By Dre Tour let users free from disturbing of cable winding.