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What makes Beats Studio headphone popular

What makes basketball super star Kobe has eyes only for Monster Beats By Dre headphone? What makes various sports star become the users of Monster Beats By Dre Danmark headphone? What makes popular singers like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber fondle admiringly to Beats By Dre Studio? Now, let’s unveil the mystery for you! Even face the Rock, Hip Hop and R&B, which have very high requirement for sound velocity, Beats By Dre Solo can also through its outstanding structure to provide the sensitivity of110 dB and fully express the details. Monster headphone has already become the standard of Rock, Hip Hop and R&B. Monster Billige Beats By Dre Studio headphone brings you classical American Voice: powered bass effect, rapid dynamic reflects, perfect clear voice, natural live sense. It is amazing for playing ebullient music. The fashionable appearance plus with the high-performance acoustic that make Beats Studio headphone well-received.